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MSH2 Series Hybrid Solar Inverter
MSH2 5-11.4KW split phase hybrid solar inverter is suitable for villa, communication base station, nomadic area, farm, residential power station, field power supply etc.
Key Features


● Advanced

   Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%.

   4 independent MPPT design, making full use of light energy in different directions. 

   Distributed virtual power station management mode. 

   Remote monitoring of computers and mobile phones.

● Flexible

   The model covers 5-8Kw, with unified appearance design.

   Wide battery input range, compatible with a variety of lithium batteries and lead-acid.

● Reliable

   Battery reverse connect protection, the charge and discharge are controlled by intelligent.

   software to improve the battery life.

   Input and output lightning protection, PV arcing detection.

   Discharge at full power and disconnect the charger automatically when the battery is full.

   Off grid full power output, transient 1.5 times overload, soft start mode, with air conditioning,

   water pump and other loads.

   Insulation detection, leakage battery, ground fault detection, island protection to prevent electric shock.

● Grace

   Fashionable appearance, convenient wiring.

   IP65 design, natural cooling, external fan free design, low noise, improve the whole machine life.


 Model MSH2-5KMSH2-6KMSH2-7K6MSH2-8KMSH2-9KMSH2-10KMSH2-11K4
 Input (PV)
 Max. Input Power  6.5KW7.8KW10KW10.4KW11.7KW13KW14.82KW
 Max. Input   Voltage  500V
 Starting Voltage120V
 MPPT Voltage Range 125V ~ 550V
 Max. Input Current12A
 Number of MPP  Trackers/
 String per MPPT
 Output (AC)
 Rated Output Power 5KVA6KVA7.6KVA8KVA9KVA10KVA11.4KVA
 Max. Output Current  22.7A27.3A34.5A36.4A40.9A45.450A
 AC Output Voltage 211V ~ 264V @240V
 AC Reverse ChargingYes
 Frequency  50Hz / 60Hz
 Power Factor0.8 leading ~ 0.8 lagging
 THDI< 2%
 Output   (EPS)
 Rated Output Power 5KVA6KVA7.6KVA8KVA9KVA10KVA11.4KVA
 Max. Output Power

6.25KVA 60s

7.5KVA 1s

7.5KVA 60s

9KVA 1s

9.5KVA 60s

11.4KVA 1s

10KVA 60s

12KVA 1s

11.2KVA 60s

13.5KVA 1s

12.5KVA 60s

15KVA 1s

14.2KVA 60s

17.1KVA 1s

 Backup AC Output Voltage110Vac~120Vac / 220Vac~240Vac (split phase)
 Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
 THDi< 2%
 Battery Voltage85V ~ 400V

 Max. Charge /

Discharge   Current

80A/   63A80A / 80A
 Full Battery Voltage100V100V150V150V200V200V250V
 Battery TypeLithium / Lead-acid
 Max. Efficiency> 98.2%
 CEC Efficiency> 97.2%
 ProtectionGround protection, AFCI protection, Islanding   protection, DC disconnect detection,
    Battery Reverse protection, Battery charge and discharge protection,   Insulation testing, GFCI,
    DC/AC anti-thunder, Overvoltage and under-voltage protection, AC/DC   over-current protection,
    AC short-circuit current protection, Overheating protection, etc. 
 CommunicationRS485 / WiFi / GPRS
 Standard   Compliance
 SafetyUL1741SA all options, UL1699B, CSA 22.2
 EMCFCC Part 15, Class B
 On GridIEEE 1547, IEEE2030.5, Rule 14H, Rule 21Phase   I, II, III
 General   Data
 Dimension (W*H*D)530*660*200mm
 Weight  32KG
 Operating Temperature- 25 ~ +60
 Cooling MethodNatrural cooling
 Protection DegreeIP65
 Noise  <25dB<29dB
 Max. Operating Altitude4000m (Derating above 2000m)
 Relative Humidity0~95% (non-condensing)
 Standby Power Consumption < 2.5W (with battery enabling < 5W)