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SMC1 Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller
SMC1 series is a max. power point tracking function with high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, with 30-50A rated charge current, 12V, 24V system automatic recognition.
Key Features

 High converting efficiency higher than 99%

 Built-in MPPT tracker is quipped in the power inverter to optimize the power transformation

 Automatic battery temperature compensation for long-term reliability

 The solar charge controller is suitable for various types of batteries for the different charging modes

 Three stages charge battery (MPPT charge, constant voltage charge,  and float charge) to extend battery's life time

 Perfect protection

   Battery reverse connection protection

   The solar panel reverse connection protection

   To prevent the battery discharge to the solar panel at night

   Battery low voltage disconnect protection

   Module overheat protection

   Load short circuit protection

   TVS lightning protection

Charge   ModeMPPT(maximum power point tracking)
Max.   Charge Current30A40A50A
System   Voltage12V/24V  auto recognition
Rated   Discharge Current20A
Battery   TypeSealed lead acid, Gel battery, Flooded    (Other types of the batteries also can be defined)
Battery   Voltage Range832V
Max.   Power Operatingvoltage RangeBattery +2V~120V
Temp   Compensation Coefficient- 4mV / / 2V
Max.PV   Input Voltage (VOC)100VDC (low temp), 92VDC (25)
Max.PV power12V System400W5300W660W
24V System800W1050W1320W
Overload/short Circuit Protection105% to 150% of rated current for 10 min
150% to 200% of rated current for   1 min
200% of rated current for 20ms
Heat-dissipating   MethodAir
Static Power Consumption<0.9W
MPPT   Efficiency99.9%
Charge   Conversion Efficiency98%
Storage/   Working Temperature - 25 ~ +50
IP(Ingress   Protection)IP32
N.W   (KG)23.6
Size   (DxWxH) mm244*178*83 305*210*90