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220V Single & Three Phase Solar Pump Inverter
PS2 & PT2 series 220V single phase & three phases solar pump inverter with utility/ generator input, MPPT optimized design, RS485/CAN/GPRS ports, IP54.
Key Features

Support utility/generator input, strong environmental adapatability.

Compact design, easy to transport and install.

● Various communication ports, RS485/CAN/GPRS(optional). 

Perfect protection function, prevent dry pumping and spillage

Advanced MPPT optimized design, fast response and high reliability.

Fully automatic intelligent operation, great overload capacity, safe and stable.

IP54 protection grade, integrate with combiner box and distribution unit.



ModelPS2-750 PT2-750PS2-1500PT2-1500PS2-2200PT2-2200
DC Input
Max. DC input voltage(V)450
Starting voltage(V)80100
Min. Operation voltage(V)6080
Recommended MPPT voltage(V)80~400100~400
Input channelOne channel: MC4
Max. DC input current(A)912
Bypass AC Input (model supports mains input)
Input voltage(Vac)220/230/240(1PH) (-15%~+10%)
Input frequency(Hz)47~63
AC input terminal1P2L
AC Output
Rated (W)75015002200
Rated current(A)5.1   (1PH)4.2   (3PH)10.2   (1PH)7.5   (3PH)14   (1PH)10   (3PH)
Output voltage (Vac)0~input voltage
Output wiring mode1P2L/2P3L/3P3L
Output frequency (HZ)1~400
Control Performance
Control modeV/F
Motor typeAsynchronous motor
Other Parameters
Dimension (L*W*H)  (mm)314*280*128
Protection levelIP54
Cooling modeNatural cooling
HMIExternal LED keypad
Communication Terminal
External communicationRS485/3 digital inputs
Operation Environment
Ambient temperature­ 2560(derate when the temperature is above 45)
Operation altitude3000m (derate when the altitude is above 2000m)